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1st May, 2022 11:51

Its official. As of about 12 hours ago now my first release of Puzzlebouts went live at:

This probably marks the "end of the beginning" -- still a lot to do to fully realise the vision I had for the site, but it is now working in its most basic form.

Rewind to the beginning of the week and I'm amazed I managed to get it published.

Testing positive for COVID-19 on Monday was not in the script! (By the way, I just tested myself again. Now Sunday, and I'm still showing positive).

I felt pretty rough for the first few days, but honestly I've felt worse with regular colds.

This week I've added a leader board view that you can see either as the originator of a bout or as the challenger.

Had a few hairy moments when my algorithm for scores was showing me some whacky output, like you would clearly win but the result screen would say you have been defeated, but put you in 1st place.

I saw this a couple of times, but then could not recreate the behaviour.

Such is the nature of coding sometimes. No doubt a user will find it straight away. LOL.

The plan for now is to focus on marketing and adding some help screens as currently a new user really needs to work out for themselves what to do.

I made a post on Twitter late last night but I've not woken up this morning to any takeover offers... or anything in fact.

One person 'like' my tweet. Getting the word out there is a real mystery to me to be honest.

I added an 'About' entry to the log off drop down menu which references this site, so for the time being, this site will be the main source of documentation.

I will start another post on here shortly giving a better overview of the site with game play instructions.

I guess it's going to be a long, slow grind.

I'm enjoying the process, though.

See you again soon.

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