1: So, how did it all begin?

20th November, 2021 : 10.17

Ever since I was a young child I have always been into puzzles. Any type of puzzle really, including jigsaw puzzles, but the ones I am mainly talking about are the types you would see in newspapers. Crossword's, number puzzles, that sort of thing.

The kind of puzzle mag I was really into
The kind of puzzle mag I was really into

I think I had a subscription to "Puzzle Monthly" when I was in my teens. The magazine would have monthly competitions, and I remember winning one of the prizes one month. It was a word search. A big grid of letters. You had to find as many words relating to gardening as you could. I think I found 70 odd words, some which I didn't even know were words until I found them in a dictionary and saw there was a connection to gardens.

I won £30, which was a big deal to a 15-year-old in the 1980's

It really is no surprise that I eventually went to University, got a degree in computer Science and became a programmer.

I love solving problems.

Right, I'll crack on now. Currently have a tricky issue with some Javascript promises.

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